Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Do not take your loved one’s nursing care for granted.

There is an alarming rate of preventable ‘incidents’ in nursing homes and assisted care facilities throughout the country. The rate of incidents which has a direct impact on your loved ones has been increasing over the past several years as health facilities try to make themselves as profitable as possible at the expense of proper care for their patients. We are dedicated to helping the victims of negligence, neglect, abuse and wrongful death.

Before deciding on a facility be sure to visit several times unannounced and inspect for cleanliness on the floors, proper smelling facility, observe how other residents are being treated, dressed, groomed and fed. Inquire about the number of registered nurses and certified nursing assistants per floor during the day and evening versus the number residents. Nursing homes should be researched on the Internet for violations, one such site can be accessed at:

Nursing home abuse can range from unreasonable and/or illegal physical contact, sexual contact or outright hitting, slapping, pushing, etc. of a resident by an employee.

Nursing home neglect can range from the deprivation of food or water to the failure to provide medication on a timely basis, or failure to be removed from bed or taken to the bathroom or failure to responding to calls for assistance. Many of these conditions can lead to very serious and life threatening conditions for loved ones if not recognized and corrected immediately.

Be sure to speak with the resident on a continual basis and listen to what they say. Significant weight loss, poor hygiene, complaints of pain from conditions or lack of medications, depression, lethargy, lack of interest, bead soars are all signs of problems which should be taken very seriously.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a nursing home or a condition which has arisen in your family, please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss the matter. We will be happy to help you sort through the problem and there is no charge for the consultation.

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